About Us

About Us

Jonathan and Gaynor ThrushOrchard Care (South West) Ltd is owned by Mr Jonathan and Mrs Gaynor Thrush, who both have Registered Nursing backgrounds.

Mr Thrush has owned and operated care homes in the South West since 1988. Mr and Mrs Thrush are the sole directors of Orchard Care.

Orchard Care is responsible for the running of Restgarth Care Home, Polperro, Cornwall; Pine Lodge Care Home, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset; and Pine Lodge Home Care, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

Orchard Care’s Mission Statement

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Orchard Care (SW) Ltd aims to provide social care, with or without accommodation, meals on wheels, and domestic services to elderly people both in a residential, and in a domiciliary setting. Whilst Orchard Care (SW) Ltd remains a `for profit` company its success is intertwined with the provision of high quality and compliant care. Stakeholders in our company`s services are our service users and their relatives, staff, managers and directors of Orchard Care (SW) Ltd.

The service users who commission our services are people over the age of 65 who require social care with or without accommodation. Qualities that make our services stand apart from our competitors are: transparency within our commitment to caring for our client/residents. We treat our service users in a manner that we would wish upon ourselves and our own families. Whilst we make all efforts to demonstrate our compliance to current care standards our primary concern is the delivery of a `person centred, old fashioned` style of care.

Jonathan Thrush. 17th May 2013.


Katie Squires, Business Coordinator.

Hannah Ivey, Administrator; Restgarth Care Home

Emma Woodworth-Franks, Manager; Restgarth Care Home

Angela Newbury, Manager; Pine Lodge Care Home

Emma Bollen, Manager; Pine Lodge Home Care